Creative & Common : Blog Week #01

I find that every great story is derived from detailed interviews and research.  I’ve started out my piece of the project with a handful of great stories about DATA collection and a great amount of freedom to research content to support these stories. For those who don’t know, it’s my job to transform these stories and concepts into videos.

This week I worked on videos 1-3 pre-production.  The biggest challenge this week was re-drafting the stories into a film narrative format.  Short videos need a certain “to the point” voice that is not necessary in blog posts.

I also read up on creative commons.  I’ve used CC materials in the past but, I hadn’t read about the differences in each license until this project.  I needed to select a licenses that left options open for me to use other people’s materials (video, photos, and graphics) so I moved forward with suggesting the videos fall under  CC-By NC ND.

More info here:

I’ve done web research for public domain/creative commons media in the past but, this new search engine really gives a lot of options that I am quite comfortable integrating quickly into the project.


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  1. Thanks for kicking off the Internship blogging! Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this project. Perhaps you can post some ‘teasers’ as you more forward? 🙂

  2. It’s been fun to see how far you’ve developed the concepts for videos 1-3 during just the first week. I think it is an interesting balancing act that we need to do — you working on streamlining the stories and collecting all of the components you’ll need to make great video, and me providing research-related background info so that we can make sure that the characters and scenarios in the stories keep their authentic quality. I’m excited about the results we’re going to produce through this process!

    It’s great to have made the necessary licensing decisions — thanks for the work you put into researching which CC license will work best for this project.

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