Last Summer Blog : Week 9

As the summer internship comes to a close – I have a few last notes about the data management videos. I do have one last hurdle … working through getting all of the raw data back to DataONE via secure ftp.  My goal is to tackle this over the weekend. Continue reading Last Summer Blog : Week 9

Week #07 : More Videos in Rough Cut Stage

I am well on my way to completing video #02 & #03.  Both are in rough cut stage and I’m confident with some tweaking will be completed before the end of my term.  Video #02 has to do with tree analysis and Video #03 has to do with a bug Continue reading Week #07 : More Videos in Rough Cut Stage

Week #06 : Hit a Slow Down

I’ve had one of these weeks where everything seems to go wrong. Because of this  –  I am having a little trouble writing a blog this week.  I’m sure you (and you and you) have been there at some point. This week I turned in 2 more rough cuts for Continue reading Week #06 : Hit a Slow Down

Week #05 : whet your palette

I worked with Stacy and Amber through the rough cut and fine cut of DataONE’s first Data Story inspired video. I know the anticipation is killing you but, I should be able to post it in its entireity on the DataONE vimeo site next week (once approved by a DataONE committee). Continue reading Week #05 : whet your palette

Week #04: Amelie Inspired Edit and Freeware

This week I finished up most of the shooting and started editing.  I found the edit to be more intense than I expected with a need for extra stylization in After Effects.  I used Photoshop, Premiere, and AE for the edit.  I am going to need more time for the Continue reading Week #04: Amelie Inspired Edit and Freeware

Moby Music & Scripts: Internship Week #02

Did you know you can use Moby’s music for your no-budget, non-profit type projects?  You can!  Here’s a link:  A track or two might end up in a DataONE video too. On a positive note : it looks like the graphic packages are going to spice up the projects Continue reading Moby Music & Scripts: Internship Week #02

Creative & Common : Blog Week #01

I find that every great story is derived from detailed interviews and research.  I’ve started out my piece of the project with a handful of great stories about DATA collection and a great amount of freedom to research content to support these stories. For those who don’t know, it’s my Continue reading Creative & Common : Blog Week #01