Week #05 : whet your palette

I worked with Stacy and Amber through the rough cut and fine cut of DataONE’s first Data Story inspired video. I know the anticipation is killing you but, I should be able to post it in its entireity on the DataONE vimeo site next week (once approved by a DataONEย committee). Continue reading Week #05 : whet your palette

Data Stories Update from the All Hands Meeting

This week I attended the DataONE All Hands Meeting in Albuquerque. On the first night, we unveiled some Data Stories products at the intern poster session. Throughout the night we had many people stopping by to hear about the project, our progress, and ask questions about the interview and story Continue reading Data Stories Update from the All Hands Meeting

A Look at Science Communication

This week I enjoyed a second face-to-face meeting with my mentor at a Chapman Conference on communicating climate science in Granby, Colorado. After a particularly scenic Amtrak ride through the snow-capped mountains, I arrived at the train station and continued with Stacy on to the Snow Mountain Ranch. By the Continue reading A Look at Science Communication

Week 2 – Storytelling in Style

This week Iโ€™ve been experimenting with writing styles in order to find the right voice for upcoming data stories, so I thought I would provide some insight into the process. In terms of writing, voice is not a one-size-fits-all treatment; each project is a custom job with new considerations. Ideally, Continue reading Week 2 – Storytelling in Style

Week 1 – Delving Into Data Stories

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the Community Education and Engagement (CEE) working group meeting in Santa Barbara. There I met face-to-face with my primary mentor, Stacy Rebich Hespanha, as well as the other dedicated and knowledgeable members of the working group. From the many roundtable discussions, Continue reading Week 1 – Delving Into Data Stories