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Hello World!

After receiving very valuable and useful feedback on the submission tutorial, most of this week was spent focusing on website organization, structure, and stylization.

These are really important concepts when it comes to creating a successful website. It plays into the amount of traffic your website gets, and how easy it is for users to navigate to where it is they are trying to go. This week we made a change to the structure of the tutorial by splitting it into three different pages instead of having the whole tutorial displayed on one page. Each of the three pages goes over how to submit either a 1) best practice, 2) a lesson, and 3) a video. Each has their own unique submission process, and dividing them out into separate pages cuts down on clutter and allows the submission tutorial to continue in a linear sequence.

The three pages are linked by an intermediary page which allows the user to choose which tutorial to follow. This page was an extremely useful addition because it allowed me to really go in-depth with explaining what the three submission types are and what format they usually take.

The new intermediary page which allows you to choose which tutorial guideline to follow

As we send out the reformed tutorial for another round of feedback, I developed a mostly open-ended survey created through Google Forms in order to assess the effectiveness of my tutorial. I felt open-ended answers would be best because my top concern for the tutorial is its comprehensibility, which I felt would be best assessed using open-ended answers and the respondents’ own words.

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