Week 3: Finishing libraries 1 & 2 and starting library 3

Hello all!

This week I cleaned up Zotero Libraries 1 and 2 (for more information on the specific libraries see my posts from last week and the week before). This involved removing duplicates and resolving missing metadata issues such as authorship information. I also imported additional citations from Scopus and Crossref. Previously all importation for the current libraries was done using the DataONE Drupal library, the existing Zotero library DataONEorg (for library 1), Web of Science, Google Scholar (for library 1), and WorldCat.

I also crosschecked all authorship from the new additions into Library 2 against those affiliated with DataONE and added those citations into Library 1 where appropriate. For the latter half of the week, I worked on creating a third library in Zotero (Library 3) which includes all the articles citing articles DataONE articles (which are located in Library 1). I’m currently in step one of this phase which involves extracting citation reports from Web of Science (WoS). The extraction process is a little tedious as I have a database of several records that comprise Library 1 and no direct way to search them all at the same time in WoS. Presently, my steps involve the following:

  • Extracting all the titles from the Library 1 database
  • Inserting quotes around each title using Microsoft Excel’s “format cells” option –> custom –> typing in the following Type: \โ€@\โ€ –> and using the concatenate function to insert OR after every title entry.
  • Copying and pasting this into Notepad and then, in batches, using the query ALL=() to search several titles at once in Web of Science.

Unfortunately, not all titles in Library 1 are recorded in Web of Science’s database. Therefore, my hope is to get more “cited by” references from Scopus. It would be amazing if this information could be extracted from Google Scholar, but due to Google’s restrictions, this doesn’t seem to be an option. And that about wraps it up for the week. If anyone has any advice on how I could streamline this process I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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