Week 2- Zotero library building and data cleaning

Greetings everyone!

So I’ve been plugging away on my first project, building two Zotero libraries. To recap, I’m creating a Zotero library for publications that have been authored by those involved with DataONE (Library 1) and one for community publications that mention DataONE publications, resources, or tools (Library 2). Thus far, I have imported the current publicly available DataONE libraries hosted on Drupal into Zotero as well as culled citations for both libraries using Web of Science, Google Scholar, and WorldCat. In the coming weeks we will also include content from Scopus. This involved a term search for “DataONE,” a term search for “Data Observation Network for Earth” (which is actually what the ONE in DataONE stands for!), and a search for each of the two National Science Foundation DataNet program award numbers. I now am in the process of cleaning all the data and removing the duplicates.

I did run into one issue whilst trying to import citations from Google Scholar into Zotero. Google Scholar sets limits on the number of citations you import at one time. This inhibits any sort of systematic library building using Google Scholar. I tried using the python project scholarly, which is a module that allows you to scrape author and publication information from Google Scholar. Unfortunately, Google has changed their scholar site to be much more restrictive with the result that workarounds like Scholarly no longer seem to work reliably. Therefore, the content pulled from Google Scholar was just based on award number rather than term searching. This is unfortunate as the content pulled from this resource would have been very helpful in building both libraries.

Anywho, that’s been my week! If anyone has any recommendations on culling citations from Google Scholar I would love to hear about it.

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