Harvesting @DataONEorg Twitter Mentions via Topsy

The previous notebook entry concerned mentions of @DataONEorg on Twitter. I established the following: The oldest tweet is from 2 years ago. It is dated July 29, 2012. This tweet is accessible from here: http://topsy.com/s?q=%40DataONEorg&window=a&type=tweet&sort=date&offset=990 The very first re-tweet of @DataONEorg was March 15, 2011. This was 5 months after Continue reading Harvesting @DataONEorg Twitter Mentions via Topsy

Gathering dataset

This week my focus was on meeting with my mentors, understanding my specific project requirements and gathering my datasets.ย  My initial work was about creating a week-by-week plan to create a meaningful, generalizable ontology coverage tool for OWL ontologies. I spent some time looking over existing scripts and testing them Continue reading Gathering dataset