Week 7 – Switching gears and switching living spaces….

I know this entry is several days late; many apologies. I have been moving to a new apartment.

This week, one of my labmates, Brendan, started working on more implementation things for the Metadata Environment so that I could focus on some academic writing about the project. We hope to do a demonstration of the tool for the upcoming ISWC conference, and I am working now on writing an extended abstract for submission. So far, it has been an interesting exercise in explaining our work in a very concise way. It is also helping me think about how to actually explain the tool to an audience who will not be familiar with it.

I have been trying to keep good documentation of the code for the tool, and Brendan said I did a pretty good job. My only setbacks for the last week or so have been moving-related. I am hoping to finish up Tuesday, so I can focus fully on the paper! It is stressful to be pulled in two directions at once right now like this.

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