Week 7: Community Meeting Materials

Hi everyone! This week I worked on materials to be presented at the DataONE Community Meeting. The Community Meeting is coming up very soon, on July 15 in Tacoma, WA. I will be flying out to attend the meeting. I have created two sets of PowerPoint presentations and a poster to be shared at the meeting.

The poster I created consists of three main topics:

  1. Interview/survey results
  2. Community Governance Model
  3. Mission/Vision/Value Statement

These three topics will carry a lot of importance at the meeting, and the main objective of this poster is to tie them together in their relevance for the new community model. The poster will be shared at the end of the Community Meeting, at the poster reception. By this time, the attendees will have learned and discussed the topics at length and can turn to the poster for a final summary of their connection. The interview and surveys gave a lot of insight into what the new Governance model and Mission statement should include. I hope to have this poster illustrate that these suggestions were taken into account and implemented into the new documents.

Along with the poster, I have created two PowerPoint presentations: one summarizing the interview/survey results (basically a PowerPoint version of the summary report I put together) and one about the Community Governance and Mission/Vision/Values documents. These presentations are to be shared during their respective sessions at the meeting. I have already created the Summary Report presentation, but this week consisted of making small changes to tie it in with the new presentation I created about the documents.

Lastly, I began working on an infographic to be added to the outreach kit. This next week will consist of getting feedback on the infographic to finalize it. The most important part will be focusing on a purpose for the infographic: What do we want the viewer to take away? What do we want the main message to be? So far, I have been working off of previous infographics created to show DataONE as the solution for finding the data that potential users need.

Thanks for reading, more to come next week!


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