“Video Section” and Reworking the Webpage

Hello, World!

This week I finished up adding the “How to Submit a Video” section and re-worked the webpage so that more of the submission instructions were individualized based on content type.

To submit a video to DataONE’ Data Management Skillbuilding Hub, all you need is a markdown file and the embed code for the video. Before this, I never knew how to embed a video into a page but it’s actually pretty easy. Basically any online video hosting platform will give you an option to embed a video into your webpage. Most of the time, you’ll find the code under the “Share” button on a video. Then you just copy and paste the code into your webpage and that’s it!

To submit to DataONE’s Hub, you need to extract the SRC (source code) which is inside the embed code. It’s called the source code because it specifies the location of an external source, such as your video (basically it’s a URL that you can embed). I created a GIF to show viewers where to find the SRC. I did this by using the screen recorder available in powerpoint (I had no idea you could record your screen through powerpoint!), and then converting that recording (MP4) to a GIF format using an online converter.

Figuring out how to make a GIF was one goal from last week that I was hoping to accomplish. Another goal I’d like to accomplish is to have my hyperlinks open up in a new tab.

Next week will be a big week as we really hone in on the overall layout of the webpage. We’ll be uploading my tutorial to the actual website next week to have people test it out and give feedback on its effectiveness.

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