Week 9: Evaluate Instrument for Education – Final Week

     As I am wrapping up the last week of the internship project with my mentors, I would like to take this opportunity to first thank my mentors, Amber Budden and Heather Soyka of DataONE and Viv Hutchison of U.S. Geological Survey for all of their help and guidance over the last 9 weeks. Their advice and feedback were instrumental to my learning and fulfilling the goals of this project. I am also really grateful for DataONE for making the internship program available, so that I am able to work on the “Evaluation Instrument for Education” project. Through this project, I was able to practice and apply my research skills and data management knowledge that I obtained through my academic training and previous internship projects. Equally important, I am now able to recognize characteristics of useful data management resources and be able to evaluate systematically the effectiveness of data management training/education resources using the products that we have produced. As I continue to develop in the field of data management, curation, and stewardship, this internship project has provided me with invaluable experience that I can leverage and build on as I start my professional Data Curation and Stewardship position with the National Center for Atmospheric Research on July 25th.
     Going forward, I know that my mentors will continue with the implementation and the testing phase of the evaluation instrument. Although I will not be able to contribute directly to this phase, my mentors and I will continue to work on finalizing the poster that will be presented at DataONE’s All Hands Meeting in September as well as selecting a venue for the project paper and preparing the manuscript for the submission accordingly. As a result, I look forward to continuing to meet with my mentors periodically, so that I can stay involved with the project’s next phases and the DataONE community.
     Thank you all again!

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