Rewriting in HTML and Secondary Steps

Hello, World!

This week I dove into the secondary steps.
In other words, DataONE wants the public to be able to edit and contribute their own educational materials; however the steps that you need to follow in order to contribute to DataONE’s repository is different depending on your submission type. I am trying to create a tutorial that explains that process for each type. As it stands now, DataONE accepts three categories of educational materials:

1. Best Practice : This is a single markdown file, and includes text, images, examples, and resources. The submission process for a best practice has the fewest steps and is fairly straight forward. Best practices are usually much shorter than a lessson.

2. Lessons : Lessons can take on a variety of formats, including word documents, PDFs, or powerpoints. It is up to the user to decide what the best format is for their material. Lessons can also come with a handout, an exercise, or supplementary data, which is also uploaded into the repository. These items are optional and not necessary when contributing a lesson.

3. Video : DataONE also accepts educational videos in a variety of formats. This one is pretty straightforward to explain!

This week I was able to complete the steps for contributing a best practice and a lesson, leaving the “video” section for next week. I spent a good chunk of time this week rewriting a lot of my markdown code into HTML so that I could format the text within my dropdown menus.

One issue I encountered this week was that I could not figure out how to highlight individual words using HTML in a markdown document. After researching this issue, it seems that markdown doesn’t support text highlighting unless it is written in markdown.
One goal I dreamed up this week was to be able to put GIFs in the webpage!

Next week, I’ll tackle the video section and also do a lot of work reorganizing the webpage. After getting into the secondary steps more, I found that certain steps would really make more sense described later, in the Best Practice/Lessons/Video section.


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