Keep on Keepin’ on

Week 7

July 24, 2012: Marketing

Hi All,

Wanted to let everyone know that I have started getting responses to my follow-up emails, notifying me that they will complete the survey sometime this week, so that’s encouraging.ย  I will send some more follow-up emails to those that I sent the survey to last week.ย  Once I start getting responses in, I will conduct a bit of a snow-ball sample and request 1 name from each of the researchers who complete the survey, in order to expand my test sample, or I will modify and send out to a wider population, as we discussed previously.

As for the marketing…. I have been thinking that an email blast might also be a good way of reaching students and researchers.ย  I will sending a draft of an email as well as another flyer either today or tomorrow. I think I should include an attached flyer in the email blast as well.ย  I think marketing is more about trying things out and seeing what works, and in that way is less scientific than a structured user test, for example.ย  So I hope that by just trying to create and be creative with my messages and whatnot, I will somehow land on something that actually works.ย  So in that sense, I need to just keep on keepin’ on!

Thanks All,


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