Distributing the Marketing Emails/Flyers

Week 8

August 2, 2012: Back in LA for remainder of the internship, distributing marketing campaign materials, results for user test slowly trickling in

Hello All,

Well, I am back in Los Angeles! So please note that I will be on west coast time, so the updates will mostly likely come at the end of your days rather than be waiting for you in the mornings… strangely enough the 9 hour time difference  made for a good feedback cycle. Anyway, I am happy to be back in a land where tacos exist and I can understand the language being spoken around me, though Vienna is a great city– and I will surely miss it. On to the updates!

Marketing Campaign:

Prior to the DEB deadline I sent the email/flyer to the OBFS and LTER communities for distribution as well as about 10 librarians that I had been in contact with a few weeks ago.  I have started to receive responses about further distribution to  science librarians, individuals researchers, etc.  So that all seems positive. I will continue forwarding any questions to you all.

I also slightly tweaked on the flyers (flyer 3) and the email message that take out the DEB deadline focus in order to continue distributing.

User Test Update:

I now have 2 responses to the user test! Yay get excited! Nothing too mentionable has stood out yet, but  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted as I start to see some trends in responses!

Thanks All,



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