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In my traditional paper notebook, I traditionally log an entry with the title “Research Effort” and the day’s date.

For example, May 23, 2013 Research Effort.

I tend to note the start time and end time for my record-keeping purposes.

I also typically write down my general weekly objectives, and then daily objectives, with notes to keep track of where I left off so I can continue easily the next day.

Obviously I can write itemized lists very easily in this blog.

However, I would like to experiment with creating a “To-Do” list in Google Tasks, using my personal e-mail account.  The University of Tennessee uses Office 365, which does have a “Task Management” feature, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to export the list.

If this were my own, personal lab notebook, I could very easily import my task list via e-mail, by using the “publish via e-mail” feature in wordpress.  Unfortunately I don’t think I can do that with this blog, since it is a shared platform.  It is possible that I could write my tasks for the day into this digital notebook, as I would in a traditional paper notebook, and then e-mail the blog entry to myself, hopefully converting the task list to a Google Task to-do list.

Here is the task list I just e-mailed to my personal University of Tennessee e-mail address from my personal, private e-mail account:

DataONE Research – May 23, 2013

  • Respond to inquiry from Dr. Davis
  • Respond to inquiry about blog setup from Dr. Budden
  • Remove .TIFF files from blog, replace with .PNG files
  • Identify options for setting up personal mendeley account
  • Identify options for setting up task management tie to open lab notebook

I could potentially start the day with such a task list, and then use each task as a heading, systematically moving through each task and jotting down nodes as appropriate.

I am curious if there is a desktop application for Mac (which I use at home) or PC (which I use at the center for communication and Information Studies).  Quick Google search:

First Result: 10+ Apps for Desktop WordPress Publishing

My interest is primarily in having a smaller window which could be moved to the periphery of my workspace, taking up a smaller area than the current, very large space occupied by a fully opened WordPress “Add new Post” window.

Looks like the options listed there cost money – should look for “FREE” apps for wordpress..

Free wordpress desktop app yields possible candidates:\

List from for Mac and Windows:

A list for windows platforms from a blogger:

BTW If you ever want to install a wordpress site…

Will investigate these options more tomorrow – ending research effort today at 4:09 pm.




About Tanner Jessel

I am a graduate research assistant funded by DataONE and pursuing a Masters in Information Sciences with an Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science. I assist scholarly research efforts supporting the Sociocultural, Usability and Assessment, and Member Nodes working groups within DataONE. I am based at the Center for Information and Communication Studies at the University of Tennessee School of Information Science in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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