Week 1 – Onboarding and Zotero Library Building

Greetings DataONE interns, mentors, and everyone else!

My name is Paige Alfonzo and I am the intern for the “Reach and Citation of DataONE” project. I currently live in Zurich, so I virtually met my mentors, Amber Budden and Amanda Whitmire, and did all the onboarding tasks that are normally included when starting a new position. After speaking with Amber and Amanda we outlined the following outcomes for the duration of the internship:

  1. Create two closed bibliographic libraries of publications from the DataONE project (library 1) and publications citing DataONE (library 2) using Zotero
  2. Create a database of Library 1 with metrics and a list of/links to citing papers
  3. Create a summary report on representation of DataONE in the scholarly literature based on a bibliometric analysis of articles citing the articles listed in Library 1
  4. Create a summary report on representation of DataONE across the web based on text mining mentions of “DataONE” on the web
  5. Synthesize the summary reports based on the bibliometrics and text mining activities into a results section of a manuscript to be completed and submitted for publication by the end of summerย ย ย ย ย 

This week I started working toward the first outcome in the list. Thus far, I have imported the citations listed on the DataONE website: DataONE Publications (articles by DataONE team members) into Library 1 and DataONE Cited Publications (publications that mention DataONE) into Library 2 into Zotero. I also started importing citations mentioning “DataONE” from Web of Science and Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a bit tricky as they put limits on how many citations you can extract. Next week, I’m going to flex my fledgling coding skills and try a Python script that Dave Vieglais helpfully provided me with. The goal is for both of these private Zotero libraries to be publicly available, with individuals contributing as new publications come. This more crowd-sourced approach reflects DataONE’s community-driven approach.

To keep track of everything I’ve been using Asana. It’s a task management system that I use for everything from my dissertation work to my professional tasks. I totally swear by it!

If you have any questions on what I’m doing or the specifics of my steps feel free to use the comments below.

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